Latest news 01/2021 - ALPHA YACHT TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT, wiser in the pandemic!

ALPHA, learned lessons of adaptability, flexibility and digital transformation from the pandemic, which suddenly overturned its data at all levels.
Through this unpleasant experience we learned to operate digitally, said mr. Angelos D. Moschovelis responsible for economic diplomacy and extroversion, noting that the moves dictated by the coronavirus in this field were: a series of initiatives with digital, such as yacht check-in & check-out platforms created to keep both (our customers and our technicians) safe and actions to keep "warm" contact with all those who wanted to visit our country safely, so as not to lose the relationships that had been built.
We had made a strategic plan of extroversion, with multiple actions and energies. With the pandemic, our rationale was to save what we had started and to prioritize what works, to digitize what can be digitized, to prepare for the implementation of our plans and to maintain a close relationship with the owners and our customers », Mr. Charalambos Nikolouzakis, responsible for the technical management of the company.
It is worth noting that, with the moves of preparation and extroversion before and during the pandemic, ALPHA YACHT TECHNICAL COMPANY contributed to the creation of a general image of the country as a safe destination and as a reliable partner on which one can rely.