Latest news 09/2020 - Shield of protection for all employees with -free- provision of Covid-19 IgM / IgG Antibody Test.

Returning to normalcy is an exercise that requires great organization and preparation in order to protect all employees and to ensure the smooth operation of our company.
In this context, our company in collaboration with
provides -free- to all employees, a special kit for antibody testing of Covid-19 IgM / IgG.
The material in question (with a special distribution license from the competent authorities of Germany with No.: DE / CA05 / IvD - 238321 - 1395 - 00 / 30-4-2020), is the only fast 3-way interpretation test in which the user can get an extremely reliable and quality result (in only 4’ minutes) on whether the examinee is positive.
At the same time, the measures already taken by our company for meetings, visits of external partners, travel, etc., as well as keeping distances and implementing best personal and respiratory hygiene practices (hand washing, use of antiseptic, etc.) are still in force in harmonization -always- with the instructions of the health authorities.
ALPHA YACHT TECHNICAL MANAGEMENT, responsibly, supports and welcomes the work of all actors in the fight against the pandemic.
~ We express our satisfaction to Mrs.Natasa Filippou & Mr. Apostolos Kolovos for our general communication & cooperation which gave great satisfaction to the human resources of our company. ~